Great for DIY project. This table top is highly convient for multiple purposes. You can use it as a dinner/coffee table, sit/stand desk and more..

We offer our table tops to fellow woodworkers, home decor enthusiasts, interior and kitchen designers, and for commercial, office and restaurant owners. DIY clients also find our tops the perfect solution for a restored, metal, stainless or repurposed table base. A lot of work goes into ensuring that our models achieve consistent levels of quality.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most compelling:

  1. It’s incredibly durable. Undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of buying solid wood furniture is that you’re getting a product that can survive for generations. You might think that buying cheaper furniture will save you money but in reality, they only last you a few years. A solid wood table will last for decades if not centuries while giving your home or office an elegant, natural feel and comfort.

  2. It’s a smart investment. Because quality solid wood furniture endures for so long, the larger initial investment actually saves you money in the long run. Less durable furniture needs to be replaced far more frequently. But those solid wood pieces in your home can last a lifetime, so they can be a one-time purchase.

  3. It has character. Thanks to the natural variations in the grain of all lumber, each piece of solid wood furniture is unique. This gives it more character than other types of furniture that are churned out looking identical. The solid wood’s natural look and crafting, plus the way it ages, all contribute to its personality and the way it enlivens a room.

  4. It brings nature into your home. Natural wood is a comforting, uplifting material because it’s so strongly associated with the great outdoors. You could even think of it as the comfort food of furniture. Incorporating natural elements into your living spaces is one of the best ways to create a happy, healthy home.

  5. It transforms your living spaces. Solid wood furniture’s character and natural look have a special way of adding warmth, elegance, and style to your home. It’s a great way to transform a room into a true living space.

  6. It can be transformed, too. Sanding, staining, and refinishing provide convenient opportunities to change the look of your solid wood furniture at some point down the line. This means you can simply adapt these pieces to new looks when you decide to switch things up, rather than replace them unnecessarily. Heywood-Wakefield’s lumber species, Northern Yellow Birch, is particularly receptive to stains, by the way.

  7. It’s exceptionally versatile. Regardless whether a room’s décor is vintage, mid-century modern, minimalist, industrial, rustic, coastal, traditional, transitional, a quirky blend, or something else entirely, wood furniture can fit right in.

  8. It’s an environmentally friendly option. Solid wood is biodegradable, unlike many of the synthetic materials used to make a lot of the furniture out there. And solid wood furniture is built from a sustainable material. We are proud to get all our lumber from sustainable tree farms that plant at least one new tree for each one harvested.

  9. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Just give solid wood furniture a regular dusting and go about your business. Take a look at these tips for protecting wood furniture to help keep it looking its best and maximize its long life.

  10. It makes an impression. Who doesn’t want their home to wow their guests? Because it has so much charm, character, and elegance, and because it conveys its high quality in its appearance, solid wood furniture is impressive and makes a statement. It says that you’re invested in your home and serious about making it distinct—and distinctly yours.

  11. It’s easy to natural.Coming right from the heart of nature, the solid wood used in furniture makes it environment-friendly. There are no chemicals used in it, thus making it safe for all the people allergic toward chemicals. If you are an admirer of eco-friendly products, furniture made of solid wood is the best possible option for you.

  12. It can be used for multiple purposes. Entryway, Desktop ( Sit/Stand Desk, Homeoffice Desk or even may buy two to form a conference desk, l-shaped working station), Kitchen island, Coffee Table, Bar Table, Entryway table, or use it as a table top for your enclosed patio/balcony/porch, it is up to your imagination.



A Few Great Features Worth Mentioning


Great Texture

Table tops are finished using our time tested and easily maintained proprietary polyurethane finish.

The special coating acts as a sealer providing scratch resistant, water proof surface.

Corner Edges

Our standart edge is the most popular amongs our customers. The Edge Thickness is 3 mm.

Normal edges can compliment the existing style and design of your living space and home whether you are looking for a table for a rustic setting or a more modern interior.

Enchanced Durability

Metal plates prevent the wood from twisting or warping in the future which enhances durability and provides lifetime use with minimum maintenance.



Use it as a sit / stand desk, or a reception desk or a bar table.


Use adjustable height legs, or bar legs to do a high table.

The combination of wood and metal lends to an industrial aesthetic, upping the fresh and unique personality of any space.

AMAZONAYAK kopya.jpg

More Ideas?


Great for a dining table / or a breakfast nook

Table for 4 people. Space saving gooodness!


Kitchen Counter


You can always use this beautiful table top as a countertop, to give your island an astonishing look.

Wood can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly 'organic' sense. It’s also not a fad—this material and has been used for furniture construction for generations upon generations, and as such offers a timeless quality that cannot be replicated.

Countertop for a cosy look

Need a Coffee Counter for your DIY project. Take a look at how we did it. Very stylish, when used as a countertop.

Wooden furniture can be a part of any design scheme, be it modern or rustic, and different species will blend together tastefully within one room or house.


Vanity table
High stand vanity table, we recommend using a stool. Let us worry about your home, you can focus on your beauty.


Wooden top can also go a long way to creating a sense of the natural world indoors. If you live in a high-density apartment block in a city, you may wish to foster a sense of nature in your living space.

Wood is the perfect way to achieve this, through both wide ranging colour spectrum in its own natural possession, and the fascinating patterns of grains, and fibres.

Tv Stand

We used our lovely table top, for a change on our tv stand.

Real Wood Furniture Fills the Voids in Your Theme

If you are stuck trying to complete the theme of your home or office, solid wood are the natural complement to any interior design theme or concept.


Outside Use


Incredible for a veranda, balcony, porch

If you have a veranda, you can use it with a coffee table legs or maybe you can make a dining table for outside use.

Wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity that other materials can’t reflect.

Wood can add a certain dignity and charm to any room, whether it be lighter-coloured wood or rich darker hues.

When crafted by a skilled artisan, there is boundless potential for design innovation to bring further aesthetic allure to a piece of furniture.

Enclosed Patio / Backyard

Who doesn’t want that perfect royal look in his house? Furniture made of real wood is the best way to achieve that.

The reason is its ability to leverage that perfect look to your house, which compliments every element of your décor.

For those who are looking for an elegant, decent, and sophisticated appearance of their house, solid wood furniture is your ultimate choice.


*The table top is convienient for enclosed outdoor areas use. Do not leave it in open air.

Use stylish accessories to give your tabletop a classy look! Here are some examples.

Office Desk


Coffee Table


Entryway Table


Tv Stand


Custom Design Table Legs

Think out of box! Want something unique, here is an alternative. You can buy custom design table legs for your specially handcrafted solid wood table top.


Gold Steel Hairpin Legs

Would add extra warmth to your living room, dining or coffee table.

Black Frame Table Legs

Black Steel Frame? Go with a traditional style. Great option for a DIY Project. Classic, but timeless!

Sit / Stand Adjustable Table Legs

Adjustable electrical sit/stand table legs would be very useful for multiple purposes. ( Homeoffice desk, Reception Desk, much more... )


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